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'An idea can transform the world and rewrite all rules'. i2space's world also transformed and apprehended that a vast B2B opportunity is awaiting in automating bookings in Indian Travel & Hospitality sector. i2space summoned a team of deft professionals and set out to build a custom solution that is not only multi-tenant so as to be pocket-friendly but also scalable allows custom configuration. The solution devised was an integration of various partner's APIs for booking bus, flights, hotels and was gradually enhanced with a few more services in demand like cabs and holiday bookings.

Soon, i2space realized that a client specific codebase and database model that chases bugs for every solution is not feasible in the long run. Thus, a customizable travel portal named eTravos with multiple services on the cloud SaaS platform was formulated using cutting-edge Microsoft technologies by a highly dedicated & motivated team of 20 professionals with relevant technology and domain expertise. eTravos is a first-of-its-kind one stop standard and robust product that can be a real plug-and-play solution across all travel related services like bus, flight (LLC & GDS), hotel (domestic and international), cabs and package bookings which addresses both B2B and B2C segments. "With eTravos you can launch your own travel portal, with 7+ services, with the custom look and feel you want; i.e. launch your own travel brand within 15 minutes!".

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Travel and tourism in India is a high-taxed industry while major concerns relating to the security in online transactions still persist. The solutions provided by other companies, which apart from being expensive, mostly lead to failure due to requirement miscommunication, lack of understanding of the domain or time/cost over-run. i2space provides secure, transparent and user-friendly solution which even supports real-time booking/cancellation notification via email, SMS, balance tracking in addition to secure and flexible payment options using payment gateways. The eccentricity of the products of i2space has led it to serve more than 150+ travel clients along with 2500+ agents that are doing the good amount business turnover on a daily basis. "eTravos is a product that can be shared with thousands of customers &, yet, every one of them will feel as if they are using their own custom portal,"

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